Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas For Boyfriends/ Husbands

Hello Lovelies.
I know that thinking of things to buy for boyfriends and husbands is a battle every Christmas for some people. I know it is for me! Here are a few gift ideas that I have considered this year.

1. Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey- If your boyfriend likes a little tipple every now and then, a bottle of spirits that is a little more expensive than usual is a perfect gift idea. If you're not spending too much money this year, this is a great gift costing between £10- £30 depending on the size of the bottle. If you're planning on spending a little more, then a little bottle is a perfect stocking filler!
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2. Foo Fighters New Album (Sonic Highways)- Whether its opera, or heavy metal, there is always going to be some sort of music you can buy for your partner. My boyfriend loves Foo Fighters and so this little package off their website is a perfect gift for him. You can purchase packages like this from any band or artists website including the albums alone, the albums with merchandize or even the album on a record!
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3. Topman Bellfield Black Oxide Parka- I don't know about you, but I find that my boyfriend likes to have a new coat every year and so it has become a little tradition that he gets one every year. Parkas are very on trend this year and this black one from Topman will not only go with all of his clothes, but will keep him snug and warm throughout winter time!
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4. Experience Day- If you're sick of buying your partner presents that he never uses, how about an experience day? There are packages from Supercar Driving to Indoor Skydiving and depending on how much you would like to spend, some come with dinner and travel. This way, your partner will have a Christmas present that he will always remember.
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5. Aftershave (Armani Code Ice)- Buying your partner their favourite aftershave is an obvious choice for Christmas. They range in price depending on size so whether you're spending a little or a lot, there is something there for you. If your lover doesn't have a preference, I would advise going to somewhere such as Boots or Debenhams to have a smell around before buying one.
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6. Nike Hurache Trainers- Different styles and types of trainers come in and out of fashion rather quickly, however Nike always seem to deliver. My boyfriend loves to wear trainers with jeans and a tee, for a stylish comfy look. These huraches are on trend and are not too expensive for an easy Christmas present.
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Do you have any gift ideas for your boyfriend/ husband for Christmas?
Leave any comments below, they mean a lot to me.

All my love

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