Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Truthful Tuesday¦ Comparing Yourself

Hello Lovelies.
This last few weeks have been super hard for me and I've found myself caught up in a whirlwind of self- hatred. I cannot stand my body at the moment and I've decided to sort out a new diet regime and exercise plan to help me. However, I always find myself comparing my body to that of other girls and working myself up about how my legs aren't as thin as hers or how my stomach isn't as flat as hers.

In actual fact, my legs might not be as thin as hers and my stomach may not be as flat as hers, but I'm still human like her. Everyone is the same on the inside and its not about being in competition with other girls/ boys, it's about being in competition with yourself and being the best version of yourself you can be. You are good enough and you should never let anybody make you believe that you have to prove yourself. Only you can be you, nobody else and that's why you're the best. Nobody can be you like yourself.

No matter what you look like on the outside, whether you are curvy or thin, it's your personality that reflects who you are. So why not be confident? Embrace what you have and be happy with it. Change anything you dislike, but only if that's because you're not happy with it, not other people. There will always be people that love you for you and that wouldn't want a thing to change about you. They might not say it all of the time but it's true. You are loved. Everyone is different on the outside, different shapes and sizes but making that the epitome of life is shallow minded. Its what is on the inside that counts.
It's sad that people compare themselves to others and don't feel good enough in their own skin. However, there are assets you may have that others might not and that is what makes us all different. The world would be boring if we all looked and acted the same right? Be yourself, be interesting and funny and keep doing all those silly things you do, because they make you who you are. Never stop being who you are.
You should never have to prove yourself to anybody.

Do you find yourself comparing yourself with others?
Leave any comments below, they really are appreciated.

All my love.

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