Thursday, 11 December 2014

Recipe| Winter Breakfast Smoothie

Hello Lovelies.
I know that its so hard to be healthy during the winter, so I threw together a breakfast smoothie with a little winter spice and thought I would share my easy recipe with you. Enjoy!

You Will Need:
1 Large Apple
2 Tangerines
2 Bananas
Ground Cinnamon
300ml Milk

How To Make:
1. Chop up the apple, bananas and 1 of the tangerines and add to the milk. Sprinkle a teaspoon of cinnamon into the mixture.
2. Cut the second tangerine in half and squeeze the juice from both halves into the mixture.
3. Blend this mixture together until it is smooth and there are no chunks of fruit left in the smoothie (I used a hand blender for this int he pictures below but you can use a normal compact blender)
4. Pour the smoothie into a glass and enjoy!

If you would like this smoothie for breakfast for more than one day, you can make a large amount and put half in a bag to freeze (see picture below), but remember to put the smoothie into the fridge to slowly defrost over night the day before you want to drink it.

What foods do you like to cook in the winter?

Leave any comments below, they really are appreciated.

All my love,

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Truthful Tuesday¦ Comparing Yourself

Hello Lovelies.
This last few weeks have been super hard for me and I've found myself caught up in a whirlwind of self- hatred. I cannot stand my body at the moment and I've decided to sort out a new diet regime and exercise plan to help me. However, I always find myself comparing my body to that of other girls and working myself up about how my legs aren't as thin as hers or how my stomach isn't as flat as hers.

In actual fact, my legs might not be as thin as hers and my stomach may not be as flat as hers, but I'm still human like her. Everyone is the same on the inside and its not about being in competition with other girls/ boys, it's about being in competition with yourself and being the best version of yourself you can be. You are good enough and you should never let anybody make you believe that you have to prove yourself. Only you can be you, nobody else and that's why you're the best. Nobody can be you like yourself.

No matter what you look like on the outside, whether you are curvy or thin, it's your personality that reflects who you are. So why not be confident? Embrace what you have and be happy with it. Change anything you dislike, but only if that's because you're not happy with it, not other people. There will always be people that love you for you and that wouldn't want a thing to change about you. They might not say it all of the time but it's true. You are loved. Everyone is different on the outside, different shapes and sizes but making that the epitome of life is shallow minded. Its what is on the inside that counts.
It's sad that people compare themselves to others and don't feel good enough in their own skin. However, there are assets you may have that others might not and that is what makes us all different. The world would be boring if we all looked and acted the same right? Be yourself, be interesting and funny and keep doing all those silly things you do, because they make you who you are. Never stop being who you are.
You should never have to prove yourself to anybody.

Do you find yourself comparing yourself with others?
Leave any comments below, they really are appreciated.

All my love.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Get Faye Ready With Me¦ Part 2- Make- Up

Hello Lovelies.
As you will already know if you seen my last post, my cousin went on a night out with her friends and asked me to do her hair and make-up. If you're up to date with my posts you will see that I completed pin curls on her hair for big bouncy waves, and here is what I done for her make- up look. Enjoy!

Moisturizer: Nivea Original Moisturizer
Foundation: LOreal Infallable Foundation (Shade Golden Beige)
Concealer: LOreal True Match Concealer (Shade Vanilla)
Setting Powder: Models Prefer Illuminating Finishing Powder

Eyebrows, Contour & Blush:
Eyebrows: MUA Pro Eyebrow Palette (Shade Dark)
Contour: LOreal Glam Bronze (Shade 06)
Blush: Bourjois Blush (Shade Rose Eclat)

Eyes, Lips & Highlight:
Eye Primer: Global Goddess Complexion Perfection Duo (Shade Goddess Glow)
In The Crease: MUA Ever After Matte Palette (Shades Smoke)
All Over Lid: Barry M Dazzle Dust (Shade 86)
Outer Corners Transition Shade: MUA Ever After Matte Palette (Shade Penny)
Eye Liner: MAC Eyeliner Pencil (Shade Ebony)
Liquid Liner: MUA Liquid Liner (Shade Black)
Mascara: Maybelline The Falsies (Black Waterproof)
Highlight: MAC Pigment (Shade Vanilla)
Lips: MAC Lipstick (Shade Costa Chic)



Do You Like The finished Look?

Leave any comments below, they really are appreciated!

All My Love

Friday, 5 December 2014

Get Faye Ready With Me¦ Part 1- Hair.

Hello Lovelies.
This week, my cousin went on a night out with her friends and I did her hair and make- up for her. I decided to blog this process and split it into two separate posts. This is how I achieved Faye's curly hair do using pin curls. Enjoy!

Step 1- Products:
The best way to achieve curls that last is to use products such as mousse. Before you begin you should wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner and dry it lightly with a towel. While the hair is wet,  disperse some mousse or setting spray through the wet hair using your hands and dry this into the hair using a hairdryer, until the hair is completely dry. On Faye's hair, I used the Urban Fudge Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Styling Mousse and my Parlux 385 Powerlight Hairdryer.

Step 2- Curling:
Depending on how thick you want the curls, take medium square sections of hair starting from the bottom of the scalp, no bigger than your curling wand/ tong. Taking each section, wrap it around your wand/tong, leaving it for 5-8 seconds. Release the hair from the wand/tong and let it fall straight into your hand without letting it drop freely. This will prevent the curls from dropping. Hold each curl in your hand for 5 seconds until it has cooled slightly. Then collapse the curl so that it is a flat and pin it to the scalp using a Lady Jane pin (you can buy these online or at your local salon wholesalers). Remember to pin the curl to the base of the section that it stems from so that you have enough room for all of your curls. On Faye's hair, I used the Babyliss Medium Pro Curl Wand and a Pro Tip Comb to section the hair.

Step 3- Cooling and Dressing:After curling and pinning all of the hair you must leave it to cool in the pins for a minimum of 1 hour. The longer you want your curls to last, the longer you should leave the pins in. When you are ready to take out the pins, you should take them out individually starting from the bottom of the scalp. As you take out each curl, smooth it out with a backcombing brush and wrap the curl around your finger before you let it drop. Spray each curl with a little hairspray as you do this. On Faye's hair, I used a backcombing brush from Primark and Urban Fudge Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Hairspray. Then you're good to go!


Will you be trying pin curls this Christmas?

Leave any comments below. They really are appreciated.

All my love

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

OOTD- Pink Faux Fur

Hello Lovelies.
I've been putting a few winter outfits together recently and this is one of my faves for a casual day out. I hope you enjoy!

Jeans- Topshop (Available Here)
Plain White Tee- Primark (Online Alternative)
Leather Jacket- Miss Selfridge (Discontinued- Alternative)
Pink Faux Fur Stole- Primark (Online Alternative)
Platform Boots- Defyne (Online Alternative)
Necklace- Primark (Online Alternative)
Bag- Primark (Online Alternative)

Will you be purchasing any faux fur this winter?
Leave any comments below, they really are appreciated.

All my love

Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas For Boyfriends/ Husbands

Hello Lovelies.
I know that thinking of things to buy for boyfriends and husbands is a battle every Christmas for some people. I know it is for me! Here are a few gift ideas that I have considered this year.

1. Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey- If your boyfriend likes a little tipple every now and then, a bottle of spirits that is a little more expensive than usual is a perfect gift idea. If you're not spending too much money this year, this is a great gift costing between £10- £30 depending on the size of the bottle. If you're planning on spending a little more, then a little bottle is a perfect stocking filler!
Buy It Here

2. Foo Fighters New Album (Sonic Highways)- Whether its opera, or heavy metal, there is always going to be some sort of music you can buy for your partner. My boyfriend loves Foo Fighters and so this little package off their website is a perfect gift for him. You can purchase packages like this from any band or artists website including the albums alone, the albums with merchandize or even the album on a record!
Buy It Here

3. Topman Bellfield Black Oxide Parka- I don't know about you, but I find that my boyfriend likes to have a new coat every year and so it has become a little tradition that he gets one every year. Parkas are very on trend this year and this black one from Topman will not only go with all of his clothes, but will keep him snug and warm throughout winter time!
Buy It Here

4. Experience Day- If you're sick of buying your partner presents that he never uses, how about an experience day? There are packages from Supercar Driving to Indoor Skydiving and depending on how much you would like to spend, some come with dinner and travel. This way, your partner will have a Christmas present that he will always remember.
Buy It Here

5. Aftershave (Armani Code Ice)- Buying your partner their favourite aftershave is an obvious choice for Christmas. They range in price depending on size so whether you're spending a little or a lot, there is something there for you. If your lover doesn't have a preference, I would advise going to somewhere such as Boots or Debenhams to have a smell around before buying one.
Buy It Here

6. Nike Hurache Trainers- Different styles and types of trainers come in and out of fashion rather quickly, however Nike always seem to deliver. My boyfriend loves to wear trainers with jeans and a tee, for a stylish comfy look. These huraches are on trend and are not too expensive for an easy Christmas present.
Buy It Here

Do you have any gift ideas for your boyfriend/ husband for Christmas?
Leave any comments below, they mean a lot to me.

All my love

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Emerald Smokes Make-Up Look

Hello Lovelies.
The party season is finally here and I have been practicing a few wearable looks for a Christmas! This Emerald Green eye is perfect for a Party or even Christmas Day. Enjoy!

Base Make-Up:

Nivea Original Moisturizer
LOreal Infallable Foundation (Shade 140)
LOreal True Match Concealer (Shade Vanilla)
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (Shade Medium Tan)

Contour, Blush & Highlight:
LOreal Glam Bronze (As Contour- Shade 06)
GOSH Multicolour Blush (Shade Pink Pie)
MAC Pigment (As Highlight- Shade Vanilla)

Eye Make- Up:

Global Goddess Complexion Perfection Duo (As Primer- Shade Goddess Glow)
MUA Ever After Matte Palette (As Lid Colour- Shade Smoke)
MUA Ever After Matte Palette (Transition Colour- Shade Penny)
Barry M Fine Glitter Dust (All over Lid Colour- Shade 25)
MUA Liquid Liner (Shade Black)
MAC Eye Pencil (Shade Ebony)
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara (Black Waterproof)

MAC Lipstick (Matte Shade Ruby Woo)
Original Vaseline


What make-up looks will you be going for this Christmas?
Leave any comments below, they mean a lot to me.

All my love

Thursday, 27 November 2014

My Every Day Make- Up Routine

Hello Lovelies.
My every- day make-up routine changes during the colder months as I like to go for a base with a little more coverage and a more defined contour. I like to change up my products now and then and I have really been loving this basic look lately, so I just had to share it with you!

                                                                 Base Make-Up-
Moisturizer- Nivea Original:  I initially apply a moisturizer before foundation as I have not yet found a primer that does the same trick! I love this Nivea Original moisturizer as it is super smooth and hydrating for my skin.
Foundation- LOreal Infallable Foundation: I have literally used this foundation every day since I bought it. This foundation has a natural matte finish and lasts all day without clinging to problem areas on my skin, which of course, I adore! (Shade 140 Beige Dore- Applied with Real Techniques Stippling Brush)
Concealer- LOreal True Match Concealer: I apply this concealer in an 'upside down triangle' shape underneath my eyes to brighten up my face. This technique makes the skin look glowing and really opens up my eyes. (Shade Vanilla- Applied with Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush)
Powder- MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural: I apply this product all over my face to set my foundation in place. This is a very light powder and a little goes a long way. I love the final finish this gives to my base make-up without making me look 'cakey'. (Shade Medium Tan- Applied with Real Techniques Powder Brush)

                                                       Contour, Blush & Highlight-
Contour- LOreal Glam Bronze: I adore this bronzer for contouring as it is so soft and has no shimmer at all. Only a small amount is needed to create a defined look and the matte finish looks amazing alongside the Infallable Foundation. I apply this under my cheek bones, around my jaw line and around my forehead. (Shade 06 Bronze Golden Bronze- Applied with Real Techniques Contour Brush)
Blush- Sleek Individual Blush: I love Sleek blushers as they are so pigmented and they last a lifetime. I gently apply a small amount of my 'go- to' shade on to the apples of my cheeks to add a little flush of colour to my complexion. (Shade 933 Coral- Applied with Lydia Blush Blush)
Highlight- MAC Vanilla Pigment: For a little added dewiness to my look, I add a small amount of Vanilla Pigment on the tops of my cheek bones, under my brow bone, down my T-zone and my cupids bow. (Applied with Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush)

                                                        Eye Make- Up & Eyebrows-
Eyebrows- MUA Pro Brow Kit: Before putting any product on to my eyebrows, I brush them into shape with a spoolie. I then go in with the darkest brown colour in my palette, following the natural shape of my eyebrows. As I usually have my eyebrows tinted, I make sure not to over- apply this product as this will give my eyebrows an unnatural look. I then take some of the gel in this palette onto my finger and gently run this through my eyebrows to set them in place. (Shade Dark- Applied with Real Techniques Brow Brush)
Eyeshadow- MUA Ever After Matte Palette: As a wash of colour on my lids, i use the shade 'Fade' which is a very nude toned brown. This goes all over my lid creating a base. I then go in with the shade 'Penny' which is a medium brown and I apply this in the crease to give my eyes some depth. I also apply this colour underneath my eyes. I then blend the crease shadow with the base for a less harsh look. (Base Shadow Applied with Lydia Small Flat Brush, Crease Shadow Applied with Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush, Under Eye Shade Applied with Real Techniques Detailer Brush)
Mascara- Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express Mascara: This is my all time favourite mascara and I apply this after curling my lashes for a more lengthening application. This mascara makes my lashes look longer and thicker and is really easy to apply.

                                                                  Lip Products-
Lip Balm- Vaseline: You can't go wrong with a bit of original Vaseline to hydrate those lips before putting on any coloured products. I apply this just after my base make- up giving it time to soak in before the lipstick is applied.
Lipstick- Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick: I tend to lean towards more Pink and Nude shades for my every day make-up look. I apply this lipstick all over my lips evenly, and then pop it in my bag for any top ups needed later in the day. MAC lipsticks are expensive but I love the quality of them and they're super long lasting. (Shade 700 Nude Delight)

What are your make-up staples?
Leave any comments below, they mean a lot to me!

All my love

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Truthful Tuesday¦ Looking Forward

Hello Lovelies.
As 2014 is coming to a close, I thought it would be a perfect time to write about something that I think is the key to a healthy mind, looking forward. 2015 is near and we can use this opportunity for a new start, to leave the bad behind and move forward with a sound mind. 

Dwelling on the bad things that have happened in the past was a big problem of mine when my anxiety was at its worst, until I realised there is actually no point. The hands on the clock only turn one way and we can't undo things that have already happened. Therefore we may as well accept them and move forward on to better things. I know that I used to lie in bed at night and shower myself with the 'what ifs', but that only fills your mind with rubbish and confusion. Yeah, bad things have happened and they will still happen, but we can't change that. Everything really does happen for a reason and I know that all the hits we face in life only make us stronger. 

The more time you spend analyzing things that you can't change, the less time you will spend enjoying the moment you're living in. Don't over think your problems and enjoy the little things because they will always be the big things when you look back on life. Give yourself something to look forward to. Book a holiday or a trip, organize something with friends, go on date night with your partner or spend the night in with your parents. It doesn't matter as long as you are comfortable, happy and living for now. 

Trust yourself and trust the future. Life is what you make it and I learned this the hard way. It's never going to be a walk in the park, but make it easier for yourself by letting go of your demons. Those times in your life that haunt you. The bullies, the bad boyfriends, the arguments with your parents.. whatever it is, let it go and live in the moment. Create the best future you can and the best will follow you. 

What are you looking forward to for 2015?
Leave any comments below, they really are appreciated!

All my love

Sunday, 23 November 2014

My Current Fake Tanning Routine

Hello Lovelies.
As winter is drawing in, I have started wearing my fake tan more often. I'm not saying that being pale isn't pretty because it so is and I wish I could pull it off without looking like a part of the Addams Family. I have broken down my fake tanning routine into 2 simple steps, giving you some tips on how to get a cheeky glow throughout winter time. Enjoy!

STEP 1- Exfoliate & Moisturize
In order to achieve an even tan, exfoliating is the most important step. This removes all of the dead and rough skin from your body that the fake tan would cling to, making it patchy. You can use any exfoliator to do this, my favourite is 'The Scrub of Your Life' from Soap&Glory. After this, you should wait for at least 60 minutes before applying your tan, as if your pores are still open, you will get those small brown dots all over your skin as your tan develops.
Moisturizing is also an important step before applying the fake tan. My favourite is 'The Righteous Butter' from Soap&Glory. I wouldn't advise applying moisturizer all over your body unless you're planning to apply the tan the next morning. If you're going to apply your tan after 60 minutes then you should apply a small amount of moisturizer onto the areas that the tan will stick e.g. elbows, knees, ankles and hands. Then, you're good to tan!
Soap&Glory- 'The Righteous Butter' and 'The Scrub of Your Life'. Available at

STEP 2- Time To Tan
So, now we're ready to tan and this is my favourite part of course! Choosing the right tan is important and my favourites are St Tropez Tanning Mousse in Medium or for a more bank account friendly tan, i love St Moriz Tanning Mousse in Medium. I like to use a mousse more than a liquid as you can see where you are applying the tan and also, a little goes a long way. To apply the tan I use a tanning mitt from Primark and this means that the tan is distributed evenly across the skin. I usually start from my feet and work my way up to my neck. Once i reach my neck, I apply a tiny amount of tan to my face. As i usually do my tan at night, I then put on a pair of pajamas that cover most of my body to save as much of the bed sheets as possible! The next morning, your tan will have fully developed. For the end result, I take a shower and fully moisturize my skin as this ensures the tan will last longer and stay as even as possible.
St Tropez Tanning Mousse-, St Moriz Tanning Mousse- Home Bargains, Tanning Mitt- Primark.

I hope you enjoyed my fake tanning routine.
Will you be fake tanning this winter?

Leave any comments below, they mean a lot to me!
All my love

Monday, 17 November 2014

Tattoos ¦ All you need to know.

Hello Lovelies.
Tattoos are becoming more popular despite not being everyone's cup of tea. I love tattoos and have just had my 5th one done a few days ago. I find that some people make massive mistakes when getting tattoos and these are mistakes that can easily be avoided. Hopefully this post will help to educate those who are looking to get a tattoo and those who have made some tattoo mistakes. 

What is Tattooing?
A tattoo is a form of body modification, made by inserting different coloured ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment. This is done by a professional artist using a tattoo gun (see picture above). This is a permanent procedure.

Why do People get Tattooed?
People get images/portraits/text tattooed on to their skin for many reasons. Sometimes it is done to remind the person of a special someone or event in their life or something that inspires them. However, tattooing is art, which of course means that your tattoo doesn't have to mean anything at all, as long as you are happy with it.

Things to Do/ Consider When Getting a Tattoo:
1. Find a qualified, well established tattoo artist that works within a tattoo parlour. Research into their work and look at reviews of the tattoos they have done previously. If they're not on the internet or you've not seen any tattoos they have done previously, chances are they're not a very good artist and probably aren't even qualified. This could be dangerous as cases of homemade tattoo guns being used on willing people have provided nasty tattoos and infections.

2. Prepare to pay good money. If you're shopping price, you're probably getting tattooed for all the wrong reasons. Don't go to a tattoo artist that is going to charge you £40 for a whole sleeve. If your paying cheap, the chances are you're going to get a cheap service and this is not what you want from something that is going to be a part of your body for the rest of your life.

3. Think about what you want. Don't rush into getting a tattoo just because your best friend is and think about the design and placement before you book in. Take a sharpee pen and draw a rough image of the tattoo you want and leave it on for a few days to see if you like it, because once you've been tattooed, there's no going back.

4. Wait till you're 18 and it is legal for you to be tattooed. If someone is going to tattoo you underage or you know of an artist who has done this, then the chances are, their tattooing service isn't going to be of a high standard which could be very dangerous to you. If artists are willing to break age laws, the chances are they'll be breaking other ones too such as hygiene, which increases the risk of cross- contamination.

5. Never get a tattoo abroad, especially whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In most countries, it is illegal to tattoo someone who is intoxicated, however in your holiday destinations such as Malia and Aiya Napa, they wont bat an eyelid. This is not only very dangerous as these parlours do not follow the same hygiene procedures as we do, but stupid as you will probably regret the tattoo the next day. Remember, alcohol thins your blood, meaning that if you get tattooed, you increase the risk of blood loss and cross- contamination.

6. Know the risks. Knowing the risks of getting a tattoo should hopefully get you on the right track when looking to get one done. Know that there are unqualified artists out there performing "tattoo parties" where you can get a dodgy tattoo for £20. Know that a tattoo artist that doesn't follow strict hygiene rules could cause you to contract infections such as Hepatitis C.

Tattoo Myths:
1. All good artists are good tattooists- Wrong! Before getting a tattoo, you should make sure that your artist is capable of using both a tattoo gun and a pencil. Tattooing requires technical skill and knowledge and without this, you tattoo could turn into an unsightly lump of scar tissue within months. Not every tattoo artist has artistic talent, and this is proven by other artists spending their time covering up peoples previous "talent".

2. The tattoo needle touches your bone- Although the needle you see may be very long, the majority of it is threaded through the tattoo gun. A tattoo needle only enters your skin by 2 millimeters so no need to worry about an 8 inch needle dragging its way across your rib cage. Yes, it hurts and can be extremely uncomfortable, but no bones!

3. Never choose your tattoo from the artists wall flash- Why not? The designs produced by tattoo artists now are top notch and just because you've chosen it from their flash display, doesn't mean your mum, granny, best friend and next doors dog are going to have it. 

4. You're going to regret it when you're 80- Most people who are 80 years old aren't as appealing as they once were, so just because you've not got tattoos doesn't mean that you're going to look a million dollars better than the rest of us.

5. You will get AIDS- There has never been a reported case of HIV/AIDS in "developed" countries due to tattooing. Most shops follow strict hygiene rules and are often checked by assessors.

6. A tattoo artist can do any tattoo- Whilst most tattoo artists are capable of tattooing most things, they often have a few areas that they excel in. That means it is up to you to find an artist that you think would be enthused to tattoo you in the style that you would like e.g. dot work, traditional, tribal.


 Hopefully this post covers most things you need to know when looking to get tattooed.
Leave any comments below as you know they mean a lot to me!

All my love

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Truthful Tuesday ¦ Honesty.

Hello lovelies.
Like me, I bet a lot of you sometimes experience things that annoy or upset you and you bottle up your feelings, or you feel pressured into following the crowd when deep down you don't really want to. It has taken me a long time to learn, but recently I have understood that honesty really is the best policy. 

Being honest, although scary, is the best way to let go of your fears and defense mechanisms and free your mind from anything that might be bugging you. For example, in September a lot of my friends from sixth form went on to university which for them, was great. However, I had decided long ago that I didn't really want to go, but I went on to pretend that I was looking forward to it, just because I didn't want to look like I was being boring in front of my friends. Eventually, I finally found the courage to tell my mum who already had a rough idea of how I was feeling, and she helped me to get  involved in the hair and beauty sector which is something I really enjoy. I love my job and getting up in the mornings is never a chore.. but if I hadn't have been honest with myself, and those around me, would I be going to university every morning and hating every second of it? Probably. 

I have realised that you don't have to be dishonest and go along with the crowd to fit in. If people don't like you for you, then that is their problem to deal with. Being true to yourself is the first step. I'm somebody who doesn't like confrontation at all, but telling someone what they've done to upset or anger you in a constructive way can be beneficial to both parties. So what you might have a little argument and experience the silent treatment for a few days.. but you have got that heavy load off of your chest and the other person is more than likely to apologize anyway. Being constructive is the key as being confrontational is just as bad as bottling up your feelings. Both will end badly. 

Bottling up the way you feel at the point when you feel it is dangerous. This is because, if this situation or person annoys you again, you will automatically act on the emotion rather than thinking about the situation and the matter will escalate. Instead just be honest, tell someone if you think they're being a little out of order.. we've all been there. Being honest will lift any weight from your shoulders, set you free and make life much more simple for you and those around you. Let people know where they stand in your life and most importantly, follow your heart as only you know what is best for you.
Do you think honesty is the best policy?

Leave any comments below, they really are appreciated.
All my love

Monday, 10 November 2014

A Little Missguided Haul

Hello lovelies.
Here are a few pieces from Missguided I have picked up recently. Enjoy!

I love dogtooth and this A-line skirt is perfect for A/W14 with the deep red colour running all the way through the pattern. This is a great fit and the material isn't too thin making this piece a statement in my winter wardrobe with tights and some chunky boots. Perfect.

I have been after a black faux leather skirt for so long and after buying one from Primark that I couldn't physically move in, I gave up hope. I came into luck when i found this piece on Missguided and it fits like a glove. It's not body-con and it's not skater skirt which is the in- between i was looking for, and the zip detailing adds that extra bit of grunge. This is a must in my wardrobe right now.

I've needed some basic tees for a while now and I love the slogan tee trend at the moment. It just adds something to a basic piece, but keeps it basic. This slogan tee is just a dream. The material is lovely, the sizing is perfect and it will go with literally anything. I can't wait to style this properly for winter.

 Again, this is a basic slogan tee and will go with any winter outfit. It can be great for layering and the slogans just add a little something to a basic piece. The material is lovely and thick, however i ordered my usual size and it is quite long so hopefully I can wear this tucked into something and work with it as it is the perfect basic for winter.
Find it Here

Khaki is a new found love of mine this winter and I definitely want to invest some into my wardrobe. I love this sports luxe style tee with the black and white collar to give the piece some depth. It fits like a glove as usual and again, will go with almost anything. Just a staple piece.
Find it Here.

I have been loving camel this winter. I feel like it really goes with my skin tone and can be worn with anything. I recently purchased this camel crop top that is actually part of a co-ord. I wasn't too sure on the skirt so i didn't purchase that, but now the top is here.. i might have to buy it. The crepe material is really good quality, however i would recommend to size up as it is quite small fitting. I love this piece and i can't wait to style it this winter.
Find it Here.

I hope you like some of the basic pieces I have purchased from Missguided recently.
What is your favorite piece?

Leave any comments below, they really are appreciated.
All my love

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

My Winter Primark Fashion Wishlist

Hey lovelies.
The colder weather is approaching and I cannot wait for winter and all of the festivities that come with it. As winter is my favourite time of the year, especially fashion wise, i love to stock up on all things cosy. The A/W14 range in Primark has really suprised me this year as the stock is not only great quality, but on very on trend and affordable. Here are a few essentials from Primark that I've got my eye on this season.

Primark Faux Fur Collar Camel Coat- £25.00
Everyone needs a nice new coat for winter and this camel coat with faux fur collar really caught my eye. Camel is really in this season, and just like every winter, so is faux fur, making this coat bang on trend. I love the structure and simplicity of this piece and think it could really bring any outfit together. Definitely a must for me this winter!

Primark Chunky Cleated Sole Boots- £22.00
Black boots are a staple piece for my wardrobe through every season and I have seen a few bloggers/ you tubers mentioning how comfortable these Primark boots are, so I just had to put them on my list. They're simple and can be worn with any outfit whether you're dressing up or down and for that price, we can't grumble.  

Primark Floppy Hat- £8.00
I love wearing hats during the winter as they really finish off an outfit and just keep you that extra but warmer! Floppy hats are really on trend this winter and I cant wait to buy mine. I spotted this wine coloured piece from Primark and fell in love with the detailing around the rim and the amazing quality of the material. The colour and style is very versatile and will look fabulous with any outfit. So, ditch that beanie!

Primark Houndstooth Dress- £!3.00
Dresses being summer items is definitely a thing of the past and there are so many gorgeous dresses out there for the winter months that have caught my eye. This houndstooth dress from Primark is a such a staple piece and is very versatile. It can be dressed up with a grungy pair of heels or dressed down with tights and chunky boots. The long sleeves and thick material means that this dress will be super warm and cosy which is everything I look for in an A/W dress. Well done Primark!

Hopefully you will be seeing these items rather soon in a Primark Haul or some OOTD'S. I can't wait to purchase and style these lovely pieces.

What is on your Primark wishlist this A/W14?
Leave any comments below, they really are appreciated.

All my love